Tax returns for property investors

Invest in the best possible tax return this year

At Culburra Beach Accounting & Tax, we want to ensure you capitalise on your property investment to obtain the best possible tax advantage. We keep on top of every single tax concession affecting investments like yours - so you can relax, knowing your tax is in safe hands. 

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Investment property tax changes

With the government recently narrowing the type of property deductions residential investors can claim, getting your taxes right just got more complicated.

If you own investment property, there’s lots to consider when it comes to end of financial year. If you’re receiving rent, we make sure we factor in a proportion of ownership interest and market rates to declare in the year received. We also deduct the interest paid on your purchasing loan and apportion interest for private expenses in your line of credit.

Our experts will make certain you claim all the deductions you're entitled to, including:

  • repairs and renovations
  • advertising for tenants
  • depreciation
  • insurance
  • property agent’s fees
  • council rates and more

We specialise in making tax simple for you, no matter how complex your arrangements. With over 30 years' experience, we're fascinated by numbers - and great results.

Maximum refund guarantee

If we’ve made an error that entitles you to a larger refund, we'll refund your preparation fee and file an amendment with the ATO, up to 2 years after original notice of assessment. We go beyond bricks and mortar to keep up with current claiming. 

Assistance, anytime

Our year-round support means that the buck doesn’t stop at tax time. Your investment is dynamic and is always changing and shifting within your tax context. That’s why we’re here to use your investment in your interest.

Upfront guaranteed pricing

You’re already juggling the administration associated with owning an investment property. The last thing you need is costly surprises. Before preparing your return, we'll tell you how much it's going to cost and the best part is, our fees are tax deductible.

Satisfaction guarantee

We do everything we can to turn your investment inside out to make sure we include all the offsets and deductions you deserve.